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Calorie Counting, Diet Pills, And The Problem With Fruit Juice… 
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We know several “facts” surrounding diet, exercise, health, and weight loss to be true…
But the question is:

How much of what we know is based on science and backed by medical experts? 

Well, as it turns out, not much!
That’s why 90% of us who’ve managed to shift those extra pounds will eventually gain them all back.

In his new book Take Charge - How to Achieve Lasting Health, Dr. Raymond C. Edison dispels common weight loss myths and recenters our focus on overall health and wellness to get us all back on track to achieve our weight loss goals and also sustain them for lasting health and wellness.
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Losing Weight To Be Healthy Vs. Getting Healthy To Lose Weight
Most dieters have one thing in common: their goal is to lose weight…
(And that’s why they fail!)

When your goal is weight loss, it often comes at the cost of your health, making it unsustainable
Many of us carry a few extra inches but are also at higher risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and autoimmune disease. 

Some of us already live with these conditions or suffer chronic pain that affects our day-to-day lives without really knowing why.

In the second chapter of his new book, Take Charge - How to Achieve Lasting Health, Dr. Edison explores the common challenges, obstacles, and commonly held misconceptions around health and weight loss.
These include:
  • Calorie restriction – is calories in vs. calories out really all you need to know to lose weight?
  • ​Insulin resistance – when hormones and cells stop talking
  • The fruit juice issue – the hidden cost of ‘healthy’ drinks
  • ​Diet Pills – safe for consumption?
  • ​New years resolutions – good intentions gone wrong
  • ​Giving up – six Elements for Success
  • ​Cravings – the food addiction cycle
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Feel Good To Look Good For Good
For decades, we’ve been sold the lie that being thin means being healthy…

If you’ve ever been on a restrictive diet to lose weight, you already know that’s not always the case.
Those fast weight loss results often leave us feeling tired, irritable, and like we’re missing out on experiencing some of life’s greatest pleasures. 

The key to sustainable weight loss is shifting our focus from weight to health!

That’s something that Dr. Raymond C. Edison discovered during his own journey through weight loss toward health and his 40+ years of practicing medicine.

By dispelling long-standing myths around diet, exercise, and weight loss and taking a whole-body approach to our health, we can lose weight, keep it off, and enjoy life worry and pain-free.

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